Speakers 2018

Anand Devsharma

Vertical Business Manager Google

Kakatiya Sandbox  2018 Speaker Anand Devsharma Vertical Business Manager Google

Anand is a business manager who's spent 10 years at Google working on operations strategy, ad sales and people development, preceded by 4.5 years across government & private organizations in software development, publishing & ecommerce operations.

At Google, Anand's been actively involved in a part-time capacity with several of Google's social outreach initiatives, mostly directly lending or organizing pro-bono consulting support, having (1) been a Google.org ambassador, (2) participated in an international leadership program on social engagement, (3) supported solutions for non-profits with technologies ranging from AdWords to Google Earth, and (4) initiated volunteering & training structures at Google.

Outside work, Anand partners a small effort to facilitate sports opportunities for some disadvantaged girls from remote tribal areas. He's lived in 10 places so far, and is presently settled in Hyderabad with two little daughters, his wife Bijita who's incidentally a sociologist (and naturally a huge influence), and his parents.

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