Speakers 2018

Naveen Jha

CEO, Deshpande Foundation India

akatiya Sandbox 2018 Speaker Naveen Jha 
           CEO, Deshpande Foundation India

Naveen has been with Deshpande foundation since its inception in India in 2006. Naveen graduated from Brandeis University, USA, with a Masters in International Development and he is recipient of the prestigious Ford Foundation Fellowship. Under Naveen's leadership, the Foundation has touched thousands of lives including non-profits, students, youth, academics and universities.

Naveen has launched several initiatives within and outside of the Deshpande Foundation. Naveen is passionate about mentoring youth who are interested in social entrepreneurship. This has led to the launch of several highly successful fellowship programs which have produced hundreds of graduates now working with social enterprises all over India.

Naveen has also pioneered a series of youth development programs which helped transform the attitudes of young people and solve problems locally. After successfully establishing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hubballi, Naveen is highly excited to replicate this model at different geographic locations and contribute in a socio-economic changes and motive youngsters in entrepreneurship.

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