Satya Phanindra

Best LEADer, 2015

Kakatiya Sandbox Speaker 2017 Satya Phanindra Best LEADer, 2015

Satya Phanindra is an Associate at the Amazon Development Center, Hyderabad. What distinguishes him from his peers is his exceptional leadership ability. As an engineering student, he emerged as the leader of his class, the one who everyone looked up to for solving collective problems. As the Class Representative, he won the respect of his teachers and the admiration of his classmates.

He joined the LEAD program of Deshpande Foundation during the second year of his Engineering bachelor's degree. Through LEAD, he found a way to channelize his energy towards implementing innovative projects for the benefit of his college and community. He was selected for LEAD Prayana and was adjudged the Best LEADer of 2015, among hundreds of other LEADers.

Some of his projects include collecting and donating stationary to rural students, conducting technical quiz competitions for different engineering streams, campaigns to prevent food wastage in restaurants and inculcating healthy eating habits in people.

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