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Fostering Entrepreneurship

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The TiE Nizamabad chapter was initiated by Kakatiya Sandbox, Deshpande Foundation with a vision of providing a credible ecosystem which builds a culture of entrepreneurship in two tier towns. The establishment of TiE has enabled entrepreneurs to dream big, learn from each other and equip them to scale greater heights in building organizations.

However, in the last two decades, there has been a slow but steady growth in the strength and also experience of entrepreneurs in two tier towns in India, like Hubli, Nizamabad, Warangal etc. The efforts of TiE Nizamabad is to replicate the similar vision and model of TiE Chapters, tailored to two - tier cities of India. We believe that by creating an eco-system for entrepreneurs in two tier towns, we will be able to foster innovation and and entrepreneurship having multiple impact stories, be it product innovation, job creation, technology transfer or economic growth.


It is the 4th largest district and 3rd largest city of Telangana. With a overall population of more than 15, 00,000 and urban population of above 3, 00,000, it is the fastest growing city in terms of agriculture, trade and service industries.

Historically, a city with agrarian economy, over the last decade, Nizamabad has seen a significant growth in educational institutions, hospitals and agri based industries. Recently, there is a trend of service based minor and major scale outlets across the city.

Objectives of TiE

Encourage entrepreneurial mindset from early age and provide insight to entrepreneurship
Develop business plans and communication skills.
Nature to be well rounded personality with leadership qualities.
It really encourages new innovations and skill development of entrepreneurs
Tie shares the experience of business executives and professionals
It supports startups and encourages the young entrepreneurs.
Tie is the best platform to gain knowledge about the business.

Aim of TiE

To offer a global business plan competition along with structured curriculum, to educate and groom students as entrepreneurs and future leaders.

It includes mentor based programs and workshops,inspirations skills conducted by business professionals and entrepreneurs to foster innovations, leadership skills, creativity and self confidence.




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